About Blue Egg and your Team of Instructors

Blue Egg is a Vancouver based Entertainment Company.

We train talented performers through our Triple Threat programs in dancing, singing and acting. We also produce entertaining shows for live audiences and the web.

We offer you a team of instructors who are working professionals in their fields. They are enthusiastic and generous with their knowledge.

Our dance training includes contemporary, hip hop, ballet, jazz and tap as well as, unique conditioning classes. Acting includes ensemble, partner & individual work; text analysis, the art of character & performance; career and audition preparation. Plus, blocking and on-camera work. Singing programs include private and group training; vocal lessons for actors; performance coaching and song writing. Styles include musical theatre, pop, rock, and rhythm and blues (R&B)

Our Approach

Our training is comprehensive and holistic. We study technique, history, and theory, and we train the whole person. In addition to our performing arts classes, we offer yoga, strength & stretch and conditioning classes.

We have two divisions to serve you, a Training Division and Production Division. We produce entertainment and offer production services including producing Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) for artists, offering rehearsal space and studio rentals. These two divisions, Training and Production, work together to help launch your career.

Join the Nest

If you have a passion for singing, dancing or acting, or a burning desire for a career as an entertainer, join us. We work with all kinds of talented people. You could be one.

Every Dream Needs a Team – Blue Egg

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