Dance Team

Stewart Iguidez

Hip Hop Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor and Performer.


Stewart is an extraordinarily eclectic freestyle dancer and choreographer. He is greatly respected for his dance contribution to the Lower Mainland.

His dance style is the ultimate fusion of urban movement consisting of b-boying, popping, house, new jack swing, tutting, isolation and video dance. A natural entertainer, Stuey Tellar keeps his audiences mesmerized and inspires other local talent with fresh innovative movement.

Stewart started as a b-boy in the mid 90’s before taking interest in hip hop choreography. He has developed his style and skills over the years dancing across North America. Stewart’s classes are high energy fun. He creates a comfortable setting for all levels to learn the latest of urban movement.

Video and Television Credits include: “The Roots”, “Mos Def”, “Black Eyed Peas”, “Michael Bublé”, “Dogg Pound”, Naughty By Nature, and, “SYTYCD” Canada.

Kyle Vincente

Kyle Vicente is a multi-fasit performer & choreographer. His humble beginnings started his talented dance career at the age of 13. Growing up in Vancouver, BC has exposed him to what the arts have to offer.

He has trained in many forms of dance such as: Hip-Hop, Popping, Jazz, Locking, Isolations, New Jack Swing, Contemporary, House & Stage. Work includes: “Rags”, “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief”, “Red Riding Hood”, “Kickin’ It Old School”, “Center Stage 2”, “Fantastic Four 2”, “Another Cinderella Story 2”, “Spectacular”, “Psych (American Duos)”, “Kyle XY”, “Eureka” & more. He has performed at events such as: “For The Luv Of It”, “Canadian Hip-Hop Championships”, Opening for “Fabolous”, “Jayme Armstrong” & has also performed at the annual event “San francisco Hip-Hop Dance Festival” along side with the America’s best dance crew “The Jabbawokeez”. Kyle is apart of OTI (Over The Influence) Crew as well as 1st place winners in Artists Emerge & World Of Dance, “The Faculty”. He has also trained with “The SOULdiers Company”, “The Source Dance Company” & has worked with Celebrity Cruises. Kyle has travelled to Los Angeles to train at The Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and the EDGE Performing Arts Center.

Kyle’s desire is to motivate and inspire others to better themselves in their artistic fields & to see the passion that people put into their own creative interpretation.


Ballet Instructor, Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) certified. Excels in body Alignment and Musicality.

Dance Foundation Trainer, Technique, Body Alignment and Skills.

Loreli Skinner has been teaching for close to 30 years in the lower mainland. She completed her training and teacher training at the renowned Goh Ballet where she was exposed to a wide variety of teachers and styles and where she subsequently taught for eighteen years. She holds a Vaganova diploma, a B.A. in psychology and is R.A.D. certified.

Loreli has extensive experience teaching both children and adults and has created award winning choreography for her students. She is a master at teaching Dance Foundation, Technique, Body Alignment, and skills such as turns. Loreli has taught at Harbor Dance, Vancouver Academy of Dance, Ballet Classique, and Danzmode. Professionally Loreli danced with the Paula Ross Dancers.

As a well respected coach, she supports of the development of each and every one of her students. Many of her students have gone on to teaching careers and on to professional dance careers in world class companies.

Julianne Chapple

Instructor – Jazz, Broadway Jazz and Teen Contemporary Jazz

Since embarking on a professional career, Julie’s dancing has taken her from nightclubs to art galleries, trying everything from circus arts to Metis jigging. She has appeared in music videos for Circlesquare and Bend Sinister, performed live for Random Acts of Circus and Edgewater Casino and shared her passion for dance with students all over Vancouver and the lower mainland.

As a contemporary artist, she has presented her choreography at 12 Minutes Max, BC Buds Spring Arts Fair, Drift Arts Festival, SWARM, Ignite dance showcase and 60X60 Dance (Montreal) as well as producing a series of variety shows under the name Rococo Cabaret with her sister Kaitlin.

Julie has trained with Wen Wei Wang, Sarah Chase and Ron Stewart through the Cultch’s Ignite program, as well as local dance artists, Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond through their program Modus Operandi. Julianne has worked professionally with Meredith Kalaman, Myles Faber, Compaigni V’ni Dansi, and LINKdance and has apprenticed with Move: the company.

Julianne is currently in Europe creating a new work.


Pussy Cat Dolls Instructor

Bio coming soon…


Pussy Cat Dolls Instructor

Bio coming soon…

Cori Caulfield

Intermediate / Advanced Ballet Barre Instructor

Cori Caulfield, Artistic Director of both Coriograph Theatre and Caulfield School of Dance, has toured extensively with her “meticulously crafted solos” (The Globe and Mail) in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia. She has also performed as a dancer, actor, and singer in the works of other well known Canadian choreographers such as Marie Chouinrad, Cornelius Fischer-Credo, Jennifer Mascall, and, beginning with a 2001 Guest Artist residency at William Forsythe’s Ballet Frankfurt, Crystal Pite.

Cori has been teaching for over 25 years and has instructed and choreographed for many performing arts groups and institutions both locally and abroad including Victoria’s Belfry Theatre (for the Electric Company’s smash hit, Brilliant!, Evergreen Cultural Centre’s “How I Became Queen” by A.K. Coope, the Goh Ballet Academy and Company (of which she was a member), Dancestreams Youth Dance Company, Main Dance, the University of Lethbridge, Concordia University, and Ballet Divertimento in Montreal, the University of Alberta, and Patravadi Theatre Company in Bangkok, Thailand. She has been a guest speaker at Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, Main Dance, and Grant McEwan College. Through MovEnt, Cori was one of eight choreographers commissioned to create new pieces on Ballet British Columbia in June, 2011.

Cori has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University and a diploma in Limon Modern Dance Technique from the Limon Institute, New York. She continues to enhance her teaching not only through performing and choreographing professional dance and theatre, but also by pursuing advanced learning opportunities.

Hailley Caulfield

Professional Dancer, Choreographer and Instructor, specializing in Contemporary and Tap; Actor and Singer.

At Blue Egg, Hailley lends her keen instincts and ample experience to the development of our dance-training program and instructs Contemporary and Tap. She is also one of our performers and is part of our development team for the shows and entertainment we produce.

Hailley Caulfield has been dancing since she could walk; not surprising since she is the youngest member of a multigenerational family of performers and dancers. Her training officially began at the age of three with her sister Cori Caulfield. Cori, a professional modern dancer runs the successful training school, Caulfield School of Dance.

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In addition to completing fifteen years of intense study in RAD ballet, jazz, tap, modern, musical theatre, singing and acting at the Caulfield School of Dance, Hailley has trained in France, Holland, Italy and England in the cities of London and Taunton.

Hailley made her professional debut at the age of five, having been invited to perform with Anik Brouvette in “Circum Perfecto”. Hailley has won numerous performance and chorographical awards including, taking first place for her jazz solo “Scream” at LA Dance Force where she beat out all other solos, duos and trios. Hailley has taken first place in every style of dance.

Presently, Hailley performs and choreographs with Ruckus Dance. She choreographed for the Bravo!FACT Film titled, “Devine Waters”. Hailley was a dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines on their largest ship, Conquest, touring Mexico and the Caribbean. She has performed with Candy Girl Cabaret; MOVE: The Company; The Source; Coriograph Theatre, and The Midnight Hags. Hailley has performed as a dancer in two feature films, “The Cleaner”and “Totally Awesome”.

Crystal Wills

Professional Contemporary Ballet Dancer, Contemporary Ballet Instructor and Choreographer. Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) certified.

At Blue Egg, Crystal is a Contemporary and RAD Ballet instructor and performer. Crystal contributes to the development of the dance-training program.

If anyone were to ask what brought Crystal to dance, what ever may have been the circumstances, it was surely destiny at work. Crystal’s formative training was from the Caulfield School of Dance. She continued her ballet, modern, and contemporary training in Ballet British Columbia’s 2-year mentor program.

She has worked with talented, world-renowned dancers and choreographers such as Serge Benethan, Cori Caulfield, Carolina Fitzner, Margi Gillis, Mark Godden, Christopher House, Edmond Kilpatrick, Simone Orlando, Kathryn Ricketts, Acacia Schachete, Almond Small, and Helen Walkley.

This year, Crystal has performed and toured with Crystal Pite and Kidd Pivot. She has performed with 12 Minutes Max, Vancouver International Dance Festival, and the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra. Crystal has also been a guest performer and choreographer for MOVE: The Company.

Paula Giroday

Broadway Jazz Instructor and choreographer.

Professional Dancer, Singer and Actor.

Paula is a triple threat: dancing, acting and singing. She has been dancing since the age of three. At 12, she began her professional training at the Caulfield School of Dance including, contemporary jazz, ballet, modern, drama, and singing. In addition to Caulfield School of Dance, Paula has trained extensively in acting for film & television with, the Actors Foundry and School Creative.

Paula’s classes are sassy, sexy and fun!

Paula’s film and television experiences includes Sorority Wars; Smallville; Caprica; Alice; and, Suckerpunch. Additionally, you can see Paula dance in several music videos for The New Pornographers, Econoline Crush and Michael Bublé.

Professionally, Paula has danced with the Source Dance Company; Move: The Company; and is currently producing her own web series called, The True Heroines, currently in its production stage. The True Heroines is a successful collaboration with creative partners, Fiona Vroom, Jovanna Burke and Joel Sturrock collectively, Pin Up Productions.

Pin Up Productions on facebook.

Monica Proenca

Contemporary Teacher specializing in Partnering work & Choreography. Contemporary Partnering for Intermedite and Advanced Dancers.

Blue Egg is delighted to be able to work with the amazingly talented and accomplished, Monica Proenca.

Monica was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She began her dance training at an early age and graduated from the San Francisco School of the Arts.

As a professional dancer Monica has worked in many international dance companies such as, Bale De Brasilia, directed by Gisele Santoro; Deeply Rooted Productions, directed by Kevin Iega Jeff and Gary Abbott; and Donlavy Dance Company, directed by Samuel Donlavy. Monica has worked with many other companies and productions with world renowned choreographers.

Most recently Monica has taught in Germany, Japan and Spain. Monica’s choreography has won awards in Canada, France and Australia and has been performed by Ballet AufTakt (Germany).

Monica returns to Brazil annually as a guest teacher, dancer, adjudicator and choreographer in Brasilia’s acclaimed International Dance Seminar.

She currently calls Vancouver, Canada her home where she teaches, performs and co-directs Lamondance with Lara Barclay.

Monica does everything with passion, strength and elegant technique, uniquely combined with her own Brazilian flair.

Alisoun Payne

DancExpression, DancEnergy, Energetic Architecture, Dragon Yoga, and Strength & Stretch Teacher.

Professional Modern Contemporary Dancer, Yoga Teacher, Aerialist and Silk performer.

At Blue Egg, Alisoun teaches several unique training classes, DancExpression, DancEnergy, Energetic Architecture, Dragon Yoga, and Strength & Stretch.

Originally with Les Ballets-Jazz de Montreal, Alisoun has worked as an independent dance artist since 1992. She has performed with Vancouver dance companies, Karen Jamieson Dance Company, Judith Marcuse, Mascall Dance Co., Co. Erasga, Big Sky Productions, Kinesis Dance, and MMHop, as well as in several musical theatre projects.

After ten years under the direction of Cirque du Soleil choreographer Debra Brown, she continues to perform aerial dance independently, and with Vancouver’s Aeriosa Dance Society. She has been involved in several film projects, including the feature length “Catwoman”.

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In addition, Alisoun’s versatility is informed by the fact that she has a black belt in Chien Lung, an internal/external Kung Fu form. Alisoun’s most recent projects have included flying as an aerialist in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics.

Alisoun’s teaching draws on various modern and contemporary dance techniques, Kung Fu, gymnastics, and contact improvisation, Alisoun’s teaching and movement style is dynamic and eclectic. She balances this toolbox of external skills with breath and energy work, stretching, alignment, and healing arts principles taken from yoga, release work, and Feldenkreis in the delivery of her work.

All classes are geared towards self-expression through movement, strength, flexibility and fun in an instructive and supportive environment.

She teaches dance, ocean kayaking, and Ashtanga and Hatha yoga in Vancouver. For more information visit Alisoun’s website:

Christie Manning

Classic Jazz Instructor and Choreographer.

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Christie has become a very well known dancer, instructor, and choreographer. With her strong technical ability, enticing performance, and sassy style, Christie’s extensive dance background has led her all over the world. Christie is trained in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap, Musical Theatre, and Ballroom, graduating from the Langley Fine Arts School as a Dance Major and performing with the school’s modern based dance company, Esprit De Corps. Christie then moved on to work extensively with Vancouver’s professional dance company, The Source, and traveled to LA and New York, training at Millennium Dance Complex, Edge, and Broadway Dance Center.

Christie began her career dancing for Calgary’s Football and Lacrosse dance teams, and continued on to appear in many live shows and television appearances. Christie has appeared in PNE Playland’s “Bring On The Night” and “Kaboom!”, Silver Seas Cruise Lines with Jean Ann Ryan Productions, MTV’s boy band video “2gether”, and Columbia Pictures’ “White Chicks”. She performed in a brand new show called “Spurlesque”, created originally for the Calgary Stampede, as well as the show “Takin’ Over” with well known hip hop choreographer Cara Adelman and TW Productions. Christie also appeared as the principal character in CityTV’s commercial for Mango-Xan, the newest energy vitamin supplement.

Christie is currently working on various projects in Vancouver, and is teaching classes and workshops at iDance Studios and Blue Egg Entertainment.

Brock Jellison

Tap Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor and Performer.

Brock grew up in his mothers dance studio in the small town of Fort St John. He began teaching at the age of 11 and by the age of 12, he began choreographing competitive tap pieces. Trained in all facets of dance that he was in the vicinity of, including Irish, Brock won numerous awards as a student.

After graduating high school, Brock went on tour with the hit show “Tap Dogs” and toured throughout the US. After the tour finished Brock taught many conventions and workshops until he decided to join Princess Cruise lines in 2000.

In 2003, Brock started his own dance/production company Ruckus Company Productions. He wrote, composed, designed, choreographed, and performed in his original shows. By 2006, Ruckus had performed three original productions to sold out audiences, “77 Minutes”, “Ricochet” and “Blue”. In 2008/09 “Ricochet” toured BC.

He has worked on three major motion pictures gaining experience as a Assistant Choreographer as well as a lead member in the Skeleten Crews.

In 2010 Brock was given his ultimate opportunity. He was hired as Choreographer and Lead Tap Soloist for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Which received amazing reviews world wide.

Brock continues to inspire and motivate students across the country and internationally.