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Winter Term

Winter Term January 12 – April 30 Audition Date: Saturday, January 12th Contact us to register for the Audition. In 2013 Blue Egg embarks on development of two new divisions to serve artists. We shall also redesigning our Training. For Winter Term we have limited…

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Voice & Movement Course

Voice & Movement Voice and Movement training is invaluable for any performer, actor, singer or dancer. Previously we have offered Voice & Movement as a short-term intensive. There is so much depth to this learning that we have expanded it into a full course. The…

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Acting Winter Term

Acting The Winter Term Acting course will be taught and directed by Stephen Atkins or Raina von Waldenburg. What will be unique about the Winter Term is in addition to development of your acting skills through knowledge of the Meisner Technique we expect to include…

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Remembrance As the years go by, the more I realize I have to learn. Not the least of which is acceptance for myself. I don’t know about you but I seem to believe that a fear of not being good enough is actually protecting me,…

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November 6th

November 6th 2012 It’s been quite a while since I posted or communicated through social media. Over the next few days and weeks, I will update you on Blue Egg and I will endeavour to share a little of myself. What I think and who…

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Audition Days for New Students

Hello! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this gorgeous summer. This message is for everyone new to Blue Egg who is interested in training this Fall. Blue Egg is growing in new directions and this means change. This fall, Blue Egg introduces Artists’ Career Development…

Registration Days for Existing & Past Blue Egg Students Read more »

Registration Days for Existing & Past Blue Egg Students

Hello! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this gorgeous summer? If you are a past or existing Blue Egg student wanting to Train with Blue Egg this Fall, the following are Registration Days for you: Monday August 20th  5 to 8pm Tuesday August 21st  5…

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Partnering I think the reason that there are so many people on the planet and the population is rapidly growing is so that one day we will realize we are partners in this world. We are meant to work together, to collaborate and share. I…

Triple Threat - Who, How, What & Why? Read more »

Triple Threat – Who, How, What & Why?

Triple Threats Michael Jackson, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Prince, Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep, Gene Kelly and Elvis Presley. A colleague recently mentioned to me that Triple Threat Training may seem daunting or insurmountable. I hope not, because it doesn’t have to be. Triple Threat Training…

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Actors’ Voice and American Dialect Intensive

Voice & American Dialect Intensive for Actors Recommended by Larry Moss, Trish Allen, is a sought after voice, text, speech, dialect and dialect reduction teacher. As an actor your voice is one of your most powerful tools. It is integral to creating character, conveying emotion…

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