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2014 Integrated Performer Training Program

2014 Integrated Performer Training Program



Blue Egg works with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary artists including, Singers, Actors and Dancers.

This year we have expand our Integrated Performer Training. This training will be offered only once this year.

Blue Egg training has grown from a school format with a broad offering including a Singing and Music Program, Acting Program and Dance Program. Last year we shifted to a single integrated program for all disciplines. Our focused shifted from a divisive one in which we treated each discipline and artist as compartmentalized, to now the integrated artist as whole, as a Performer. Our specific focus is on development of the underlying artistry and creative facility of each student. The skills, knowledge and techniques that students learn may be applied to every creative expression and endeavour for their lifetime.

In 2014, Blue Egg offers an expanded Integrated Performer Training Program, which consists of four components. All students participate in the integrated performer training component. This component is primarily acting based with voice and movement integrated. All students are welcome to participate in the songwriting component. Those students with experience in music or singing are welcome to audition for the singing component. Performers who are trained dancers are welcome to audition for the dance component.

The initial Integrated Performer Training component is the product of collaboration between Stephen Atkins, Raina von Waldenburg & Gabriella Minnes Brandes and the 60 years of combined experience they have in educating performers at the university level. Read more about Stephen, Raina and Gaby. All three teachers collaboratively teach each class.

Our program is a new approach, a new process; however, the techniques employed are internationally recognized: Meisner, Viewpoints, Practical Aesthetics, Grotowski, and the Alexander Technique. Blue Egg is one of the few places in North America where the physical performance techniques of Grotowski are taught.

The training in this program is at times complex and at times subtle. It is best suited for mature students (minimum age is 19) with solid or extensive experience in one or more disciplines. Part of this training is practical in nature, students will immediately be able to apply the training to their performance. The practical component includes a collaborative creation intended for performance.

This training is applicable and highly valuable for singers, dancers and actors.

What you can expect:
Our approach and philosophy is that you are a performing artist and the expression of your talent may shift or change over time. Therefore, our interest is in training you and helping you develop as the individual artist, rather than teaching you a specific or singular skill.

The Program includes: voice & movement, scene study, physical performance, performance training, rehearsal, artist collaboration, singing, songwriting, dance and choreography (dance style(s) will be determined by the dominant skills or opportunity presented by the students).

All or some of the students from the program will be selected for a live public performance that will follow the conclusion of the Program. The performance will be created by and for the group.

Important Note: The Spring program has been pushed to the Fall. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

Program commences September 2014.

The program includes 6 to 15 weeks of training depending on which components each students participates in.

Weekly schedule is Sunday, Monday, Thursday. Additionally, each artist must allow time in their schedule for practice, rehearsal and creation time. This program is collaborative, as collaboration your commitment is necessary and affects you and the entire group.

Application Process:
If you are a returning Blue Egg student, kindly contact the office 604.569.0326 or

1) Email Introduction and Demonstration of Skills

  • Kindly email a link to a video sample of your performing skill/s (YouTube, Vimeo or similar), do not send video files; 2 minutes maximum per discipline.
  • Provide a brief video (link) introduction of who you are, 2 minutes maximum. You may add your introduction to the sample of skills video.
  • Please note that your video/s do not have to be professionally filmed or edited, simply a clear demonstration of who you are and your skills.
  • Written in your email include your full name and contact information as well as a written description of your experience and your goal.

Subject line: “Application – Your Name”

Application deadline will be posted. Once Applications are received and selections made, the next step will be an Audition and Interview.

2) Audition & Interview
Upon acceptance of your email application, you will be given an Audition and Interview date.

In the audition, all applicants will be required to perform a scene from a film or play, 2 minutes maximum. If you are auditioning for the singing and/or dance components then additional singing and dance performances will be required in your audition, 2 minutes maximum for each disciplines. The scope of your audition will be determined in advance.

An interview will be conducted immediately following your audition.

3) Payment of Fees
Upon acceptance into the program, registration commences; at this point students are committed to the Program and associated fees. Payment of fees will be required in full at the time of registration or an initial payment for students who wish a monthly payment plan. The monthly payment option requires a Payment Agreement, valid credit card and an additional fee of $35.


Additional details about the program will be posted within the next several weeks. Please feel welcome to call or email any question that you may have now or at any time. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Thank you.

Happy New Year!


Please note that all Blue Egg training requires a minimum number of registered students in order to run. Should the minimum not be achieved, the program will be cancelled and any fees paid will be returned to the students. Additionally, any student who pays a deposit for the Early Bird special rate and then subsequently is not accepted into the Program, will have their deposit returned; all other Early Bird deposits are non-refundable. The minimum age for this training is 19. Thank you.