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Audition Notice

Audition Notice

Audition Notice
Fall Performer Training Program


Sunday, June 23rd
Auditions will be scheduled between 5 and 8pm

The Dance Centre
677 Davie Street at Granville
7th Floor, in Studio 7 (please note, no outside shoes are allowed on the studio floor)
Please sign-in in at reception when you arrive (your name, that your are visiting Blue Egg on the 7th Floor)

Please note that the audition is not open to the public; each participant must book their audition by email or calling.

How to book your audition:

  1. Email: or call 604.569.0326
  2. Provide your full name, email address and telephone number
  3. Indicate your previous training and if applicable, performing experience
  4. Indicate your objective with respect to training with Blue Egg and your career goal
  5. Indicate what type of audition piece you intend to perform

Auditions are required for all new students and some existing and past students.

What you need to bring and prepare for the audition:

  • Please bring a headshot and one-page resume (it is completely acceptable to have training only on your resume, if you have no performance experience)
  • Provide your objective with respect to training with Blue Egg and your career goal, this may be included on your resume
  • Prepare a performance piece for the audition, maximum 2 minutes

If you have any questions regarding preparing for the audition or the Fall Performer Training, please do not hesitate to email or call us 604.569.0326.

Fall Performer Training

Blue Egg works with multidisciplinary artists and interdisciplinary artists such as, Singers, Actors and Dancers. This year, we are offering a new integrated form of performer training; this program is applicable and highly valuable to singers, dancers and actors. It is intended for individuals who are pursuing lifelong careers in the performing arts.

The new Performer Training Program is designed by three brilliant, passionate university educators, each with more than 20 years of teaching experience. It is a step outside of the traditional divisive parameters of performer training. Gone is the separation of one student from another for reasons that are unrelated to artistic development; gone is the separation of one genre of artistic performance from another, instead we train the artist; gone is the separation of our body, to our voice, to our movement, to imagination. Our training is impulse driven and utilizes the foundation of established techniques including: Viewpoints, Alexander Technique, Meisner, Grotowski and Practical Aesthetics. These provide essential skills and habits for creation and performance, for all.

2013/2014 Integrated Performer Training Program includes:

Term 1 – September 15th to December 16th

Sundays – 5pm to 7pm for Voice & Movement
Mondays – 7pm to 10pm for Performance training and development
Thursdays/Wednesdays – 1.5hours for Theory

Term 2 – January 12th to April 28th

Term 2 is the application process of Term 1, and therefore, all Term 2 students must take Term 1. The second Term is the rehearsal process and development of an avant-garde performance piece chosen specifically for our group of students based upon their interdisciplinary skills. The schedule is expected to remain largely the same in the second term. Term 2 concludes with a live performance.

Term 1 is required for all students who wish to participate in the second term.

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required within three business days of acceptance into the program. A first payment for a minimum of $500 is due between September 3rd and 13th, with your remaining balance to be paid monthly during the Term. Alternatively, program fees may be paid in full by September 13th. Payments may be made by electronic transfer or credit card.

For more details regarding the program and fees, please click for the new program page.

Please note the Performer Training Program is an adult environment with a minimum age requirement of 19. Our Sunday sessions will be hosted by our partners, Human Theatre Collective. Students are invited to join Human Theatre for an optional, additional hour on Sundays. The additional hour may include creation and/or rehearsal of new works to be performed.

This program will accept a maximum of 14 students so space is limited. The program requires a minimum enrollment of 8 students.

An audition and interview is required for enrolment for all new students. Additional Audition dates will be posted.

We look forward to working with you.

Thank you.

Human Theatre Collective is a Vancouver-based arts society involved in community performance. Their approach is multi-disciplinary in training and creative development. Human Theatre Collective’s works consist of collaborative, devised theatre, performance and live art.