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Fall Training / Physical Performer Training

Fall Training / Physical Performer Training


Physical Performer Training

Embodied Performance
Oct 27 – Dec 15
Mondays 7-10pm & Sundays 7-10pm

Scotiabank Dance Centre
677 Davie Street (corner of Granville Street)
Studio 7

MONDAYS: Community Workshops (peer-facilitated)

Mondays offer an opportunity for the community (including faculty) to participate as peers and take leadership in facilitating exploratory workshops. Students who are enrolled in the program are encouraged to propose workshops by contacting Raïna and Leannie. Let us know (at least 5 days prior to class) what you would like to facilitate, the date and length of time, along with a brief description and/or any specific requirements (clothing, text, song, etc.). The workshops can be 1 – 3 hrs long. If there is no workshop planned on a given day, or any time remaining, Raïna and/or Leannie will facilitate.

Drop-In guests are welcome for $10

*Please Note: the Drop-in option is offered for experienced students who are unavailable to attend most of or all of the Monday sessions. If attendance becomes consistent being 4 or more Monday session then a half tuition fee ($300) will be incurred. If you have any questions, please let us know.

SUNDAYS: Physical Performer Training (faculty facilitated)

Based on Jerzy Grotowski’s physical acting training style, Embodied Performance is an in-depth exploration of the Grotowski work that enables performers of all types to embody their work with relentless authenticity. Voice and movement are incorporated right into this work. Artists learn to stop “acting” in their performance by becoming present and responsive. They learn to make choices based on physical and external stimuli as they respond to what is happening in the moment. Performers use their bodies to channel emotional energy into their work that is organic, creative and resonant. We will work on scenes and monologues.

Our intention is to offer a second program in the spring that is “application” focused in rehearsal and production of a performance. This fall program would be a requirement for participation in the rehearsal-performance program planned for the spring. Thereby Embodied Performance would be a two-part program. The diverse talents of the students would be considered for inclusion in what is produced (music, movement, dance, acting, writing).

This program is lead by Raïna von Waldenburg, with guest teachers, and is applicable to all types of performers. Raina is one of North America’s foremost proponents of the Grotowski Technique, an alternate, physical approach to acting. Before moving to Vancouver, Raina was a faculty member of Tisch School of the Arts at NYU for 17 years.



  • Prepare one piece (scene, monologue, segment of choreography, or song – please inquire about the maximum length) to share and work on during the training. Kindly submit a video link or written description of your piece at least one week before our start date, via email. This can be an opportunity for you to work on a piece that you are developing for a show. Scene partners are welcome.
  • Additionally, a scene or monologue may be assigned to you during the training.


Please submit a Letter of Intent and a description of your artistic history to


Full Fall Program $600

Physical Performer Training (Sundays only) $300

Full Fall Program: Special rate for previous Blue Egg students $500.

Payment options are available including monthly payments for an additional $15


Registration is open now, space is limited. To Register submit your 2-part application (see above) or call Blue Egg (toll free) at 1.844.BLUE EGG.


Training presented at Scotiabank Dance Centre
677 Davie Street at the corner of Granville Street
Studio 7

October 27th to December 15th:
Mondays 7 – 10pm (3 hours)
Sundays 7 – 10pm (3 hours)


If you have questions, please call Blue Egg (toll free) at 1.844 BLUE EGG (1.844.258.3344) or email

We look forward to working with you this season.



What some of our students have to say:

… This was truly one of the most satisfying training experiences I’ve ever had. The follow up you are offering us and the faculty is priceless. Love! Aimée, Oregon (Actor, Teacher)

I thought it was one of the most well run, fabulous and exciting workshops I’ve done in a long. LONG time. Kudos and THANKS. ~ Kathy, Vancouver (Actor, Director, Teacher)

This course was really great, I really enjoyed that our teachers made us go ‘back to the roots’ and leave our comfort zone. ~ Katrin, Germany (Recording Artist, German Cabaret Performer)

I experienced the freedom to play! I’ve felt so restricted in other classes I’ve taken to follow a certain set of rules. It was so refreshing to come into a class and be told to just BE! To create and do whatever I felt like in that moment. That experience alone has greatly impacted my acting and it feels wonderful! ~ Chelsey, Vancouver (Actor, Singer)


The small print: This program is a non-refundable registration. This includes students choosing a payment plan. All courses and training programs, require a minimum number of registrants in order to run. If the minimum is not reached by Oct 20th the program will be cancelled and any money paid will be refunded in full. Thank you.