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May Weekend Intensive : Embodied Performance

May Weekend Intensive : Embodied Performance


Integrated Performer Training series: Embodied Performance

Weekend Intensive
May 10th & 11th

Embodied Performance: Using a fusion of Grotowski, Alexander Technique, Practical Aesthetics, “I Am One Who” (presence work), and Viewpoints, this intensive challenges each performer to develop a fully embodied, present and spontaneous instrument. The performer learns to stop “acting” by embodying what is happening in the moment. Choices become based on physical and external stimuli. The performer learns to use his/her body to channel emotional energy into performance that is organic, creative and resonant. This training is applicable to all types of performers including Actors, Dancers and Singers.

An Embodied Presence is that magic of authenticity which connects you to your audience and creates relationship.



  • A monologue will be assigned to you in advance. You will be working on this monologue during the intensive. If you have a monologue you have chosen for yourself, please provide us with a copy of the text at least 2 days prior to the intensive.
  • For all performers who wish to apply what they learn in this intensive to a type of performance other than acting, we invite you to prepare a 2-3 minute piece (*of any type) that you will work on during the intensive, instead of a monologue. Please notify us of the nature of your performance piece at the time of registration.

*Note: there may be a limitation on what types of performance are permitted due to safety and or facility; for example, full band set up will not be permitted due to time and space limitations, nothing involving combat or circus style performance requiring specific gear, safety equipment and spacing. Discuss your intended performance with us in advance. We welcome dance, theatre and single or trio singing performances using backing tracks or a single portable instrument.


Meet the faculty: Stephen Atkins, Raina von Waldenburg, Gabriella Minnes Brandes, and Leannie Aalgaard. This intensive is developed and taught collaboratively by all four faculty members; yes, four teachers at the same time.

Training presented at Scotiabank Dance Centre
677 Davie Street at the corner of Granville Street
in Studio 7 & Marcuse Studio

Saturday, May 10th
10 – 1pm
2 – 5pm

Sunday, May 11th
2 – 7:30pm

Fee for weekend Intensive $600
Payment options are available including 3 payments for an additional $15

Registration is open now, space is limited. To Register call Blue Egg at 604.569.0326.

If you have questions, please call 604.569.0326 or email If you have never taken training from Blue Egg or one of the teachers conducting this intensive, a phone conversation or meeting maybe required prior to registration.

We look forward to working with you this Spring!
What our performer students have experienced:

This course was really great, I really enjoyed that our teaches made us go ‘back to the roots’ and made us leave our comfort zone. ~ Katrin 

I experienced the freedom to play! I’ve felt so restricted in other classes I’ve taken to follow a certain set of rules. It was so refreshing to come into a class and be told to just BE! To create and do whatever I felt like in that moment. That experience alone has greatly impacted my acting and it feels wonderful! ~ Chelsey

The small print: This Intensive is a non-refundable registration. No cancellations are accepted for any reason; this includes students using the payment plan. All courses and training programs, including Embodied Performance, require a minimum number of registrants in order to run. If the minimum is not reached by May 2nd the program will be cancelled and any money paid will be fully returned. Thank you.