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Singer-Songwriter Performer Training Fall 2016

Singer-Songwriter Performer Training Fall 2016


The Singer-Songwriter-Performer Training Program


Develop a 3-song set, performance ready including back-up vocalists. The fall program has a three-part focus: singing, songwriting and performance.

Complete a minimum of one original song during the program. There will be solo work as well as a focus on collaboration. So much music is created through collaboration; here you will work with like-minded artists.

Training takes place in Vancouver October – December with an opportunity to perform at a professional venue in the new year. Through this program, artists will progress from students to independent artists. Previous artists from this program have completed multiple originals songs, performed at public events and professional venues, production of music videos are currently being developed. One of the greatest values is the on-going collaborative relationships.

Program Components:

  • Vocal development
  • Collaboration
  • Movement/Choreography
  • Performance Coaching
  • Lyrics
  • Melody
  • Chord Progressions (Music)

Participants must be 19 years old with singing, performing or musical experience.

Submit in an email:

  1. Letter of intent
  2. Description of your artistic history
  3. Link sample (audio or video) of your work/skill

Email your application including link(s) to your audio or video sample(s) to Your audio or video samples should be a clear representation of your present skill level and you must be easily identifiable in the recording. Your sample does not need to be professional in quality. Please note that an audition and interview may be necessary in the Fall, you will be notified in advance. Space is limited Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received.

Email Application:
Subject Line: Application: Singer-Songwriter Fall Training – YOUR NAME

Lead Faculty

  • Leanne Koch – Singing, vocal development
  • Mark Luongo – Songwriting
  • Maiko Miyauchi – Dance/Movement/Choreography

Guest Faculty

  • Gabriella Minnes Brandes – The Alexander Technique
  • Raina von Waldenburg – Physical embodied performance
  • Omar Khan – Singing, songwriting, performance
  • Leannie Aalgaard – Performance

Proposed Schedule:
October – December 15th
Fridays 7pm – 10pm
Saturdays  4pm – 6pm
Sundays  4pm – 6pm

Tuition :
TBA, please ask for information (monthly payment option will be available).


Space is limited and applications will be considered in the order in which they are received.


Please call or email if you have questions 1. 844 BLUE EGG or


We look forward to working with you this fall.