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Tap as Music Intensive

Tap as Music Intensive

Tap as Music Intensive

Heather Cornell has been mentoring dancers and musicians for three decades. A protégé of some of the originators of rhythm tap (Charles “Cookie” Cook, Eddie Brown, James “Buster” Brown, Steve Condos, Harriet Browne), she was the only dancer mentored by the great bassist, Ray Brown, who wrote original music for her company, Manhattan Tap. She is well known internationally for her collaborations with musicians and is counted as one of the originators of the rhythm tap renaissance of the 1980s.

Whether you’re a teacher, performer or student, a musician, dancer or actor, this physical music intensive will help to refocus your work and practice. In this intensive program you will:

  • Explore music and rhythm tap vocabulary as it relates to the physicality of music
  • Develop skills necessary for successful collaborations between music and dance, not only in standard collaborative situations, but also as they synthesize in their own body
  • Study the structure and form of jazz and world music and how it relates to physical rhythmic movement
  • Practice historical tap dance steps from the big band and bebop eras
  • Improvise exercises and assignments to help improve the musical improvisatory voice

Heather’s passion is to encourage her students to be creators and not imitators and to develop a strong, independent creative voice. She creates a learning environment that nurtures individual development while at the same time developing a strong music/dance community. Her courses and events around the world focus on training artists to be bilingual in music and dance. TapMotif in Lefkada, Greece and Manhattan Tap’s Rhythm Tap Intensive are annual summits based on Ms.Cornell’s concepts of teaching. We are pleased to offer her program for the first time on the West Coast.

Please note that this intensive is being offered by Heather Cornell and Capilano University and will be located at Capilano University. As a friend and colleague, Blue Egg is sharing information about this valuable intensive with you.

Mon – Sat & Mon – Thu
Aug 19 – 29
10 am – 6 pm

To Register:

Contact Capilano University.

Phone: 604.984.4901 and have your Amex, MasterCard or VISA ready when you call.
In person: Visit us and we can sign you up on the spot. We accept cheque, debit, cash or credit card. Regular Office Hours:

Mon–Wed 9 am – 4:30 pm, Thu 10:30 am – 4:30 pm and Fri 9 am – 4:30 pm

Course No. = H. Cornell 92017
Fee $1,200