Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Training Program and how is it different from a Course or Class?

Similar to a Bachelor program at a University, Training Programs are comprised of a variety of classes chosen to achieve or support a specific goal such as, Triple Threat: Singing – Dance – Acting. A Triple Threat Training Program is designed so you can be proficient in all three. The total number of training hours per week ranges from 5-25 depending on your program and level.

By contrast, a Course is a commitment to one specific class per week for a Term. A Class refers to a single session.

How do I join a Training Program or Course?

We prefer that call and book an appointment to Register in person at the Blue Egg studios 210 – 207 West Hastings Street – T 604.569.0326. You may Register in person without an appointment any time we are open or during designated Registration days (see the Schedule page for a posting of Registration Days).

Alternatively, you can Register by phone 604.569.0326.

How do I choose the right Training Program or Classes?

We are partners in your success. We will work with you to select the best training considering your goal and current level. You may be asked to attend an audition or placement class.

When can I join a Course or Training Program?

Ideally you begin at the start of a Term. We have 3 Terms during the regular training year.

Fall Term
Winter Term
Spring Term
We also offer additional Summer training.

Can I join after a Term has begun?

If a Term has begun you may be able to join up until the mid point. However, you may be required to take private training in order to catch up.

If the Term is beyond the mid point, we will register you for the next Term. In the meantime, we will place you in classes that will prepare for your first Term.

Do I have to pay my fees up front?

The annual student Registration Fee is paid up front. Program or Course fees may be paid monthly; ask for the monthly payment option at your time of purchase. IMPORTANT NOTE: With a monthly payment option you are still committed to the entire Term. This payment option is offered as a courtesy; it does not reduce your commitment to month by month.

Yoga or Professional Development Training Packages (10 classes) must be paid in full up front.

What ages does Blue Egg teach?

We welcome all ages and levels. Blue Egg is a new and growing studio. We specialize in Triple Threat Training for ages 16 and up.

Do you have classes for beginners?

Yes, we offer introduction classes and beginners classes for all ages, Beginner through Intermediate levels.

What is the difference between a Beginner class and an Intro class?

An Intro or Introductory class is for the complete newbie. The introduction stage does not last long, it may be any where from a few sessions to 3 months or 9 months depending upon the subject and the individual. An Intro class includes an introduction to the world and the most basic elements such as, basic terminology, your primary work objective, how to breathe, body positioning or stance.

Beginner level is focused on learning how to perform basic exercises with proper technique. The Beginner level may last a year or more; your focus plus at-home practice will make a difference.

Will there be performance opportunities?

Blue Egg intends to arrange for one formal show each year in the Spring, plus we would like to have additional informal showings throughout the year.

Performance opportunities are not guaranteed several factors can impact the opportunity to perform including student class attendance and rehearsals attendance and student progress.

What if I miss a class, can I make it up?

Attendance is expected. Like any success in life these programs require a commitment. If you are unable to attend class due to injury or illness as long as you are not contagious we recommend that you come and observe. You will learn from watching. If you are contagious we ask that you do not come to the studio.

If you miss a class you may have the opportunity to make up that class or sample another class to make up the lost time. Contact the office.

If you are in a Training Program, the make up class will be offered during the last week of the training year. If you are enrolled in a Course, the make up class must be taken before the end of the current Course Term.

Important: you must schedule any make up class through the Office.

PLEASE NOTE: If you miss an Acting class during partner work you will be expected to pay for you and your partner to have an additional semi-private with the instructor at a rate of $75/hour. The make up class is to be booked and attended before your next regularly scheduled class. If an Acting teacher is not available during the appropriate period of time, you will owe your scene partner a very big apology.

What if I know that I will be away and miss a class, can I deduct the class from my fees?

We do not make adjustments to fees. We encourage you to attend all classes. Please note that if you fall behind you may be expected to attend additional classes or book private training to catch up.

What if I know I will be away, can I make up the class that I will miss?

Discuss this specific situation including the dates with office.

Does it matter when I take my make up class?

Yes, schedule your make up class with the office. If you are in a Training Program, the make up class will be offered during the last week of training year. If you are enrolled in a Course, the make up class must be taken before the end of the current Course Term.

Can I drop into class instead of committing to a course or program?

Blue Egg is not a drop-in studio. You reap the greatest benefit through consistent action – in this case, attending class. The commitment leads to growth and improvement. We consider a drop-in to be an expense rather than an investment.

Do I have to audition?

Auditions are sometimes required for Training Programs. Contact us, we will let you know. On occasion we may ask you to attend placement sessions in order to select appropriate classes or levels.

Additionally, we hold mock auditions through out the year to give students audition experience as part of the training.

Note: Blue Egg has two divisions, Training and Production. We hold auditions in order to participate in the shows that we produce through Blue Egg’s production division.

What are your hours?

Office hours are Monday to Wednesday 4 PM – 7 PM; Thursday 1 PM – 2 PM.

Saturdays 10:30 AM – 2 PM.

The office is closed on Fridays and Sundays.

*Summer Hours may be limited, please call us.

For our class times, please see our Schedule.

Conduct & Tips

All our classes provide instruction and correction and are designed to guide your improvement.

We recommend you arrive early to class, 15 to 20 minutes before your start time. Give yourself enough time to sign-in or sign-up, change and warm up, if necessary. This is especially important for your first class.

Bring water and, if necessary, a sweat towel and mat. Arrive hydrated and well-fueled (but not full).

Wear appropriate shoes and clothing. Jewelry may be a distraction. Style your hair so that it won’t interfere.

Each studio has a limited number of lockers. Please bring your own lock. You will take your personal belongings into class with you and be responsible for them.

No fast food, gum, pop or toxic energy drinks – try green tea instead!

Please, don’t touch or lean against the mirrors

If you have any questions, please call us 604.569.0326.