Overview of Programs and Courses:

Blue Egg is an environment for growth, learning and achieving one’s best, if not one’s dream. We have an environment where you feel like you are part of a community. With people who know you and your goals and can help you achieve them.

Training Programs (Part-time)

Part-time Training Programs are designed to help you reach your goals big and small through evening and weekend training.

A minimum of one Training Year commitment is required. An application, audition and interview are required for potential students. You may choose a single discipline program (Singing & Music, Dance or Acting) or Triple Threat Training in all three. These programs are customized for each student depending upon your current level and your goal.

Part-time Training Programs may be employed in order to bridge training with achieving a professional career or to prepare yourself for a full-time program.

Courses (Part-time)
Individual Courses such as, Acting, Songwriting or Hip Hop are
available for anyone over the age of 16 (some courses such as adult acting have a minimum age of 19).

Students are accepted into Courses by audition and/or interview. It is generally best if you have had some training or performing experience in one or more of the performing arts. Skill level is a consideration in the audition as well as level of passion, dedication and willingness to learn.

Courses are right for you:

a) If you presently have limited time or resources but you have a strong desire to develop your skills; anticipating that you will eventually be able to dedicate more of yourself.

b) If you have a career outside of the performing arts yet this is your passion and you want to engage in singing, dancing or acting for your own personal development and gratification.

c) If you have decided to pursue a performing career and choose to begin by taking or returning to courses while you create room in your life to become a performing artist and while you still have your day job.

Intensives & Workshops
Intensives provide specialized training over a condensed period. They are intensified learning experiences. Intensives generally begin mid-way through a Term and during the Summer.

Workshops are also short-term learning opportunities. They are generally an introduction to a specific topic or type of training. For example: working with a live band for Singers or Introduction to On-Camera Auditioning Skills.

The Blue Egg Conservatory Program
This is an intensive full-time program scheduled for 20 new students in 2014. The Conservatory Program is ideal for those pursuing life-long performing careers. There are three pillars of focus in the Conservatory Program: 1) Performance Training – development of your skills as a performer, applicable to any and all creative forms 2) Exploration and honing of your own unique creative expression 3) Apprenticeship, collaboration, production and performance.

You may arrive with Triple Threat dreams and Hollywood bound only to discover that your true passion is that of a rebel artist heading for international avant garde theatre, or vise versa. Discover your own creative expression and prepare yourself for your life-long journey, wherever it may lead you.

The Blue Egg Conservatory Program will accept a maximum of 16 students into the program. The Conservatory program is being developed through a process of consultation and collaboration with industry professionals and the Blue Egg faculty.

Class Packages
Our Class Packages (Professional Development Packages) are available for many of our Courses. These packages are intended for students who are at an Intermediate or higher level with special rates for professional performers.

See available class packages on the Join page or email us to ask.

Life is a journey. Jump in, buckle up for the bumps and enjoy the ride.

• Group & privates
• Voice for actors
• Music Theory
• Performance

• Band Practice for Singers
• Songwriting
• Drums & Rhythm
• Contemporary
• Ballet
• Hip Hop
• Pussycat Doll Style
• Jazz
• Broadway Jazz
• Tap plus, Stomp & Body Rhythms
• Partnering & Musical Theatre
• Ensemble, partner & individual work
• Script Anaylsis
• Voice & American Dialect
• Movement for Actors

• Scene Study
• Career & audition preparation
Introduction – If you have never done this type of training before.
Fundamentals – Suitable for students to learn or master foundational elements and skills.
Elementary – Focuses on further development of basic technique and skills while developing strength, control and repertoire.
Intermediate – Suitable for students with a high degree of competence in their program of study. This level focuses on style, complexity, and performance.
Advanced – Designed for professionals who are working to becoming extraordinary.

Blue Egg is a Triple Threat Training Company

Blue Egg specializes in Triple Threat Training. A Triple Threat is a performer who can Sing, Dance and Act. Some current famous Triple Threats are, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake,  television casts of, Smash and Glee. Triple Threat Training is the ultimate education for a performer. 

Blue Egg Studios focuses on enhancing artist performance through the development of Triple Threat artistry. This Triple Threat Training provides performers of all ages improved physical and mental tools to pursue their goals as performers and in life.

Courses, Training Programs and the Conservatory Program require an audition and/or interview. Visit the Join page or call us for application information.

A Training Company and A Production Company

Blue Egg offers both conservatory training and a production company to help you succeed. Through our training, you receive the artistic and practical skills necessary to build a foundation for your career. Through our production division, you have the opportunity to obtain experience and exposure to help launch your career. These two divisions, training and production, work together for your success.

Comprehensive training programs are available following high school graduation and as adults. 

The discipline and dedication that you develop here will serve you for a lifetime.

Famous Triple Threat Performers

Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake have triple threat careers. They sing, dance and act. Other triple threat artists include: Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Mark Wahlberg, Madonna, John Travolta, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Gene Kelly, the casts of the TV shows,  Glee and Smash. Is it possible that the biggest Stars and most successful entertainers of any era are and have always been, Triple Threats? 

Meryl Streep has said that the most valuable training of her acting career were her classes in voice and dance!

Jennifer Lopez started as a Dancer on the TV series, In Living Color. From there, she launched into Acting with a leading role in a 1995 action-thriller film called, Money Train. Four years and two films later Jenny from the block leveraged her dancing and acting success into a Singing career. Today, Jennifer has a career that has expanded beyond that of a Triple Threat. She is an entrepreneur-business owner, choreographer, music & TV producer, and fashion designer. Consider what the dynamic training of a Triple Threat can offer you.

Training programs include:
• Nutrition, Money Management & Goal setting workshops
• Coaching sessions
• Performance workshops
• Conditioning & Theory classes
• Mock auditions
• Written assignments
• Evaluations

• Learn from respected and connected industry professionals
• Performance opportunities
• Career opportunities through Blue Egg’s Production division and connection to our industry contacts
• Graduation Certificate

In addition to Triple Threat training, Blue Egg offers Individual Training Programs in each discipline – singing, dancing and acting.

Big dreams consist of many small steps. Use the power of TRIPLE THREAT TRAINING to fuel your success.

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