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Triple Threat Training for Actors

If your goal is to be a successful actor/performer then we recommend a full Triple Threat Training Program.

The additional training in Dance gives you a natural physicality and character movement. A dance is a story and to be able to tell a story using movement, emotion and intention, without words enhances your ability as an actor.

Singing is another form of storytelling, connecting emotionally to words to evoke a specific emotion from your audience.

Use the power of Triple Threat Training to fuel your career.

To Join a Program

To apply for the Acting Program or Triple Threat Training Program, please contact the office 604.569.0326.

To join an individual Course, read the descriptions on the Acting Classes Page and call or visit Blue Egg or the Join page.

Whether you are beginning or you currently work as an actor/performer, here you will learn from working professionals who are passionate with years of experience to teach and guide you.

Acting Classes are available for the Beginner to the Professional levels.

Your Team
Stephen Atkins

Stephen is a passionate and gifted teacher. For Blue Egg, Stephen teaches Adult Acting, Voice, Movement, and Performer training. Additionally, Stephen acts in an advisory capacity to Blue Egg regarding performance training and programs.

In teaching, Stephen draws on techniques form several methods to tailor the experience of the student and meet individual goals. His training is a mixture of physical and psychophysical methods including the Meisner Technique and Practical Aesthetics. He has also trained in studios that use the Suzuki Method of Actor Training, The Viewpoints and Meyerhold as well as voice and creative movement techniques.

Stephen’s 24 years of experience as an acting coach helps him to identify and target specific goals in your training and apply them to the big picture.

Raina von Waldenburg

Raïna recently moved to Vancouver after having been full-time faculty at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she taught a physical approach to acting based on the work of Jerzy Grotowski at the Experimental Theatre Wing for the past 17 years. Presently, Raïna is a sessional instructor of Acting in the Theatre Department of Simon Fraser University School for Contemporary Arts.

Founder of the Center for Embodied Performance Raïna has taught workshops in the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Asia. Trained under Stephen Wangh and Ryszard Cieslak (Jerzy Grotowski’s principal actor and protégée), Raïna served as research assistant and editor for Stephen Wangh’s book An Acrobat of the Heart: A physical approach to acting inspired by the work of Jerzy Grotowski, published by Vintage Press.

Acting Team continued…

Gabriella (Gaby) Minnes Brandes

Gabriella (Gaby) has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1988. She is the co-director of the Vancouver School of the Alexander Technique and teaches the Alexander Technique in the Theatre Department at Capilano University. Additionally, Gaby maintains a thriving private practice.

Gaby is the recent recipient of the AmSAT research grant for the project entitled: Enhancing actors’ interactions on stage using Alexander Technique. She is also researching the connections between Alexander Technique and creativity in the performing arts.

Gabriella holds a Ph.D. in education, informing both her practice and her research.

Frank Cassini

Leo Award Winning Actor, 2012 Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Series for Blackstone. A veteran of film, television and theatre, Frank Cassini has been acting professionally for over 25 years. Frank is a lifetime member of The Actor’s Studio in NYC and LA. Some of his film credits include, Little Brother of War and A Few Lousy Dollars, both of which earned him Leo Award nominations for Best Actor. Frank has also worked with Zack Snyder in Watchmen, Mark Rydell in James Dean, Martin Scorsese in Goodfellas, and Norman Jewison in Moonstruck.