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Adult Integrated Performer Training Intensive

Blue Egg works with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary artists including, Singers, Actors and Dancers.

This Fall, we are excited to offer an introduction to a new form of integrated performer training. This program is applicable and highly valuable for singers, dancers and actors. It is intended for individuals who are pursuing lifelong careers in the performing arts, with interest in creating your own work.

This new Performer Training is the product of collaboration between Stephen Atkins, Raina von Waldenburg & Gabriella Minnes Brandes and the 60 years of combined experience they have in educating performers at the university level. Read more about Stephen, Raina and Gaby.

This program is a new approach, a new process; however, the techniques employed are internationally recognized: Meisner, Viewpoints, Practical Aesthetics, Grotowski, and the Alexander Technique.

Come and learn from three remarkable teachers.

Program A – 6 Weeks

Voice & Movement – Sundays 5-7pm
Performance Training & Scene Study – Mondays 7-10pm
(Please note, no classes during Thanksgiving weekend and Monday, Nov 11th is moved to Sunday Nov 10th same time)

Program B – 6 Weeks

Voice & Movement – Sundays 5-7pm
Performance Training & Scene Study – Mondays 7-10pm
Theory (the all important education of an Artist) – Thursdays 7-8:30pm

Adult Acting  –  Acting Fundamentals with Stephen Atkins

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of acting including action, relaxation, objective, spontaneity, emotion, monologues, texts, projection, presence, substitution, referential movement, character analysis, text analysis, heightened diction, and score.

The course develops a working knowledge of Meisner Technique: an inter-dependent series of training exercises that build one on another. The more complex work supports a command of dramatic text. Students work on a series of progressively complex exercises to develop an ability to improvise, to access an emotional life, and finally to bring the spontaneity of improvisation and the richness of personal response to textual work in voice, gesture, physical control, observation and discovery.

This course includes ideas about the rehearsal process, scripts, scenes, staging, and performance. Improvisation, exercises will be done in each class to facilitate learning and self-discovery.


Adult Acting  –  Scene Study with Frank Cassini

In this course you will discover there are ways to diminish muscular tension, otherwise known as nerves, anxiety, stiffness, etc. We achieve this by systematically relaxing the body through movement and breath. As a result, you then use your instrument at its most prepared state. We will probably never be totally relaxed, this being the nature of the beast in our business, but this residue energy can be used for the good, instead of being your enemy.

Following body conditioning you delve into your scene. You will work on one scene for a month with the intention to fulfill the writer’s vision and story.

In this course you will address how to interpret scripts, the rehearsal process, the actor as artist, and how to use yourself fully in order to give a full life to words on the page. Acting is doing.

That said, Frank offers recommendations of great acting books to read, but the most important device is to actually get up on your feet and explore, fail, and get back up to explore some more. On and on it goes, developing your technique through hard work and persistence.

Frank Cassini looks forward to working with anyone sharing this passion, the artistry of “holding the mirror up to nature”. Where we learn about ourselves by reaching others, and vice versa, through sharing stories and events that all of humanity can relate to.

This course ends with production and filming of final scenes.


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