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Blue Egg is ideal for those pursuing careers; plus passionate and dedicated amateurs with careers outside of the arts.

Dance Training Programs

Dance is evolving, styles are fusing into a fresh expression of movement. This evolution makes training in a variety of dance styles and mastering your foundation important.

Our full Dance Training Program includes: Ballet, Ballet Technique, Pointe, Repertoire (RAD exams are optional), Contemporary, Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop (variety of styles), Pussycat Doll Style, Tap, Stomp, and Partnering. Our full program also includes: Yoga, Strength & Stretch, Music & Dance Theory, Drum Lessons and Rhythm Theory. Performance opportunities are available.

Triple Threat Training for Dancers

If your goal is to pursue a career as a Dancer/Performer then, we recommend a full Triple Threat Training Program. The additional training in Singing gives you greater audition and career opportunities. Singing creates a powerful connection to the meaning or story of a piece of music. It enhances your ability to evoke specific emotions from your audience. Acting also expands your career opportunities and develops camera knowledge. Acting cultivates confidence and the skills of a storyteller, every dance has a story.

Join a Program

To apply for a Dance Training Program or Triple Threat Training, please contact the office 604.569.0326. To join an individual Dance Course, call or visit Blue Egg Studios or click the Join page for rates and then, visit or call Blue Egg.

Blue Egg is suitable for beginners who are passionate and dedicated. And we are ideal for dancers who have completed training at their youth dance school and are ready for post secondary career preparation.

Our teachers are at a master teacher level and professional dancers.