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You may choose from traditional classes such as Ballet Fundamentals, Elementary or Intermediate, or take advantage of our unique training such as, Technique Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Movement, one-hour Centre Barre or Pointe, Repertoire (choreography), Strength & Stretch and Yoga.

We offer full comprehensive Training Programs and progressive Individual Courses. To apply for a Training Program or to join an individual Course please call, visit us or click the Join Page.

RAD – Royal Academy of Dance syllabus classes and examinations are available for Graded and Vocational levels. Please call the office 604.569.0326.

For children’s classes, please contact the office 604.569.0326.

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Ballet Fundamentals

Introducing you to the basic form, positions and language of ballet and then progressing to learning basic technique and development of strength and control.

Ballet Elementary

Elementary is for gaining full command of foundational technique and increasing your répertoire of movement (exercises) and quality of movement.

*May be open to class Professional Development Packages

Ballet RAD Intermediate

The RAD class follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for the intermediate level and can prepare you for examination (exam is optional). Improve your technique, understanding of Ballet terminology, control, grace, and musicality. Note Pointe class is required for those taking their exam. Two RAD courses per week is necessary for those preparing for their Intermediate exam.

RAD syllabus

*May be open to class Professional Development Packages

Ballet One-Hour Barre Intermediate/Advanced

One hour of Ballet Barre (en pointe, optional).  This class is intended to be part of a set that is followed by Contemporary Partnering with Monica Proenca and then a delicious stretch class. (There is a special rate when all three are taken. Call the office for details 604.569.0326).

*May be open to class Professional Development Packages

Pointe (30 min)

Enroll in a 30 minute Pointe class to follow a full one and a half hour ballet class. Please note that Pointe must follow a full ballet class, it is not available as a single class as it is important to warm up properly and work up to a Pointe session.

*May be open to class Professional Development Packages

Repertoire (60 min)

Repertoire class is intended to follow a full ballet class. Repertoire is the learning of choreography, this is your chance to dance!

*May be open to class Professional Development Packages

Technique Fundamentals & Fundamentals of Movement

Technique Fundamentals focuses on mastering 6 fundamental movements: plié, tendu, chassé, developpé, turns and saute. These simple steps are the building blocks of nearly every dance movement. You are never behind. A one hour class open to all levels.

Fundamentals of Movement draws your attention to where movement initiates in the body. And how to use musicality for momentum and efficiency. You are never behind. A one hour class open to all levels.

*Open to class Professional Development Packages

Ballet 1 Hour Centre Barre

Centre barre and choreography for one hour. A minimum of an elementary level is required for this class. Enjoy the feeling of graceful movement, while developing core control, strength and balance. Ideal as a supplement to your training or if you have limited time available to train.

*Open to class Professional Development Packages


Dance Partnering / Pas de Deux Workshop

Partnering is fun and exciting. From Fred and Ginger to Ballet pas de deux to So You Think You Can Dance, and everything in between. Dance partnering is an important skill for any dancer male or female. So we are excited to bring you this Partnering workshop with renown Triple Threat choreographer and performer, Joel Sturrock. Joel’s work can be seen on film and television as well as the stage.

Partnering Fundamentals:
Fundamentals level is for beginner dancers. Learn the basics of getting attuned to your partner using partnering in tango, mambo and other styles!

Intermediate Partnering:
Prepare for more advanced partnering techniques such as, overhead lifts, and turns in a variety of dance styles. Intermediate level is for experienced dancers of any style to work on their partnering skills.

Saturday, June 2nd
4:15pm – 7:30pm – Partnering Fundamentals

Sunday, June 3rd
6:15pm – 9:30pm – Intermediate Partnering/Pas de Deux

$36 per level

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*Please note that Workshops/Intensives are non-refundable and full payment is required in advance. Minimum registration is required to run all Workshops/Intensives.

*Professional and Association Rates available, please ask.


Conditioning Classes:

Strength & Stretch

Dance conditioning class. Strengthen and Lengthen to increase your flexibility, range of motion and control. Depending upon the teacher this class begins with: pilates core; yoga deep stabilization; floor barre or a fusion of martial arts and yoga, always followed by a deep, sustained dance stretch. Experience is recommended but not required for this class.

*Open to class Professional Development Packages


It is important to deeply connect mind with body and body with breath. Yoga illuminates any imbalance within the body, helps us to open our body and support ourselves properly from a strong core. Yoga helps to develop a healthy and durable dancer. Yoga will speed up the development of any Dancer, Singer or Actor and will literally make you better. No experience necessary.

*May be open to class Professional Development Packages

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