Music Program

The Music Program includes: Music Theory, Drum Lessons & Rhythm Theory, Piano, and coming soon, Guitar. Additionally, we offer live band workshops, an introduction to a recording studio and performance opportunities.

Music Theory

This is an invaluable study for all singers, songwriters, musicians, dancers, and choreographers. You learn how to read music, transpose music and compose music. Learn to communicate your musical ideas with other artists. Music Theory and the study of these elements is a framework that gives your imagination the widest possible scope for emotional expression through music.

Music Theory is the study of how music works. It examines the language and notation of music. It seeks to identify patterns and structures in composers’ techniques across or within genres and styles. This body of knowledge has been developed over the centuries with people experimenting with satisfying musical sounds and the desire to understand why certain sounds work better (have a powerful affect on us) and others don’t.

Music is a fascinating combination of art and science. It is an emotional phenomenon. The feeling inspired by a piece of music cannot be described in technical terms, but the elements of the music can be. You will understand musical structures that others have created. This process will lead you to richer and more original and satisfying creations, and you will find that your options as an artist will expand enormously.

What you will need: Bring a notebook, pen and a pencil with eraser. Text book required and may be purchased through Blue Egg.

Drum & Rhythm Lessons

Drums are cool. This course is for those with an ambition to learn to play the Drums. It is also for Singers and Dancers to learn about the most important element of music – Rhythm! Learning Rhythm at this level makes you a better performer.

What you will need: Bring a notebook and pen. A Rhythm Theory Text book and practice drum pads are required and may be purchased through Blue Egg. Sticks will be provided.

This course is lead by professional drummer, Elijah Jean. A Montreal Native, Elijah began playing drums at the age of six. Since his early start he has grown to become an award winning drummer having toured and performed around the globe with legendary musicians. Since relocating to Vancouver, Elijah has been voted #1 Up and Coming Drummer in the city by the Georgia Straight.

Elijah is proficient in numerous styles. He excels in Funk, R&B, Latin, Rock, Gospel, Reggae, Blues, and Jazz.

Piano Lessons

Private Piano lessons are available up to grade 5. Plus, learning Pop style piano. Please contact the office to inquire about Piano lessons.