Singing Program

Blue Egg offers a full-time Conservatory Program for those pursuing careers. We also offer a part-time Singing & Music Training Program and a Triple Threat Training Program (Sing-Dance-Act).

If you are new or have a career outside of Music or Performance but you love to sing or write songs, we offer Individual Courses for all levels.

Our Singing & Music courses include: Group and Private Singing Lessons, Music Theory, Songwriting, Drum Lessons and Rhythm Theory; plus Dance and Yoga. Additionally, live band workshops and an introduction to a recording studio.

If your goal is to pursue a career as a Singer/Performer and you are inspired by artists such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez then we recommend Triple Threat Training. The additional training in Dance gives you a natural physicality and movement when you perform, and Acting gives you confidence, camera skills and teaches you how to be a compelling storyteller to take your audience through an emotion journey with each song.

We work in a variety of musical genres from Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Soul and Musical Theatre. Group classes are excellent for learning harmonies and performance skills. For optimal results we recommend a combination of both group class with private lessons.

To join an Individual Course, please see our course descriptions and then call or visit Blue Egg Studios or click the Join page. To apply for the full-time Conservatory Program or a part-time Training Program, please contact the office 604.569.0326 to receive an application.

All lessons are taught by professional singers and musicians.  Meet your Instructors: Team Page »

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