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Singing Fundamentals (Men’s or Women’s classes)

An introduction to vocal development and basic singing technique. Instruction in breathing and fundamentals skills. Learn how to access your voice and range. Learn how to sight read. Styles of music include: Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, Jazz. Men and Women are taught in separate courses.

Singing Lessons for Elementary

Vocal development in singing and breathing technique, and education about your long-term vocal health. Develop your sight reading ability. Expand your range. Express emotion and learn how to perform. Styles of music include: Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul and Jazz. It is ideal to supplement group classes with private sessions. Men and Women are taught in separate courses.

Singing Lessons for Intermediate

Group classes at the intermediate level focus on performance, performing for one another is a regular feature. Working on harmony is another benefit to group learning. Expand your vocal range and improve the tone, clarity and power of your voice. Express emotion and develop as a performer. Styles of music include: Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz and Soul. It is ideal to take regular private lessons in addition to your group classes. Men and Women are taught in separate courses.

Singing for Teens Elementary/Intermediate

For Teens with vocal experience. This course focuses on technique, clarity and brightness of tone, harmonies and performance skills. Genres of music include, contemporary Pop, Rock and R&B.

Private Lessons for Singing & Vocal Development ( By Appointment )

For Intermediate and Advanced Singers regular private training along with group classes is ideal. Private training is the best way to develop your unique voice to its fullest. For Singers at earlier stages of their development, we recommend occasional private lessons as a supplement to Group training for as little as 15 minutes, in order to reach your potential. Private lessons may be booked one at a time or on a Term basis.

To book your privates call or email us. All privates must be paid for in advance.

Singers’ Band Practice Workshop

If you sing and want to perform live with a band, learn how here in our August workshop. Learn how to sing with, lead and perform with a four piece band of professional musicians!

In the Singers’ Band Practice Workshop you will learn the following:

· How to connect with your audience
· The 5 points to communicate with a band
· How to collaborate with all members of a band
· How to interpret & adapt to musical differences
· How to be a build a live performance

You will also gain valuable experience working with a live band and performing.

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