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Get in the room with professional singer-songwriters and Learn how to write songs. The art, craft and songwriting habits to be a songwriter.

Fall Songwriting Intensive with David Blair

It’s Back by Popular Demand!

4 Day Intensive

Oct 20th – Sunday 5pm to 7pm
Oct 21st – Monday 7 to 9pm
Oct 22nd – Tuesday 7 to 9pm
Oct 23rd – Wednesday 7 to 10pm

Following the amazing feedback from students of our Summer Songwriting Intensive we are excited to bring this Intensive and David back in October. This time we have added a component, “The Song is written – Now What?”. This Intensive will include a Q&A session with David, giving you time to tap his creativity and his experience.

Take this intensive to jump start your songwriting or infuse your current songwriting with new ideas and skills plus, habits and tips to keep you going. David Blair is a gifted singer-songwriter-musician. He has collaborated with artists internationally and taught many new songwriters how to hone their craft.

This is our most succinct yet richly informed songwriting course we have offered. David has distilled his knowledge and experience into a hands-on, practical and easy-to-use method. You will address the three primary ingredients of songwriting: Lyrics, Melody and Chord Progressions (Music). Plus, performance and “Your song is written – Now What?” with Q&A.

You will complete at least one song during the intensive. There will be solo work as well as group collaboration. So much music is created through collaboration; here you will meet like-minded artists to share with.

We require that participants either have singing experience or play an instrument. Bring your instrument (no amps), if portable.

Early Bird Fee $165 by September 25th or $175 thereafter.

Space is limited, please contact Blue Egg for details or registration at or 604.569.0326.

The Dance Centre
677 Davie Street at Granville
6th Floor – meeting room

Songwriting Course

If you sing, play an instrument or just love music and are interested in creating your own, join this progressive Songwriting course with award winning Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artists, Omar Khan and David Blair. Whether you are working on your own material and looking to over come challenges or you are a newbie wanting to begin, this course takes you through songwriting processes and offers you tips and habits to serve your creativity long-term.

Do you…

· Struggle with melody?
· Struggle with lyrics?
· Trying to find ‘your’ sound?
· Wanting to make your sound ‘cooler’ or more like your favourite band?

Discover solutions in this Songwriting course.

In this songwriting workshop you will learn the following:

· Song Structure
· How to write lyrics that connect to your audience
· How to find melodies for your lyrics
· How to write in different genres
· How to develop ongoing songwriting habits

You will also gain valuable experience co-writing and performing.

For Songwriters we recommend learning Music Theory. It is the language of music that enables you can write you own tunes and communicate and collaborate with other musicians.

Music Theory

This is an invaluable study for all singers, songwriters, musicians, dancers, and choreographers. You learn how to read music, transpose music and compose music. Learn to communicate your musical ideas with other artists. Music Theory and the study of these elements is a framework that gives your imagination the widest possible scope for emotional expression through music.

Music Theory is the study of how music works. It examines the language and notation of music. It seeks to identify patterns and structures in composers’ techniques across or within genres and styles. This body of knowledge has been developed over the centuries with people experimenting with satisfying musical sounds and the desire to understand why certain sounds work better (have a powerful affect on us) and others don’t.

Music is a fascinating combination of art and science. It is an emotional phenomenon. The feeling inspired by a piece of music cannot be described in technical terms, but the elements of the music can be. You will understand musical structures that others have created. This process will lead you to richer and more original and satisfying creations, and you will find that your options as an artist will expand enormously.

What you will need: Bring a notebook, pen and a pencil with eraser. Text book required and may be purchased through Blue Egg.